The Shamrock Pub Quiz Every Monday!

  • How many bridges cross the Amazon?
  • Who are the only two actors who won an Oscar for playing the same character?
  • Can you name the 6 capital cities that are home to a team that won the European Cup/Champions League?

The Shamrock Pub Quiz is a team game with three rounds of ten questions. There are many different topics such as geography, history, music, movies, sport, celebrity gossip, arts and literature, science and nature and everything in between!

The Pub Quiz questions are read aloud as well as being projected on a screen (a fun way to practice and improve your English)

1st Prize: a bottle of Whiskey or 10 bottles of beers or a VOUCHER for 10 beers (to use another day).
2nd prize: 5 bottles of beers!

Entry is €2 per person, the pub quiz is about 70-80 minutes long. You are allowed to have up to six players on your team. If you’re coming alone we will find you a team!